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Where the company or its authorized dealers to buy the company's products and users in the territory of China, the company can enjoy the provision of service provision in the provision of free services and paid services. Service scope is limited to the mainland of china.

The company knows that good technical service is the guarantee for the successful development of the user. Therefore, the company will provide users with the best and best quality service.

Our commitment:

1 establish user files, assist the buyer of the company's products for acceptance and testing; free to guide the use of the company's products, maintenance and storage;

2 free to provide regular telephone return visit service, once every 6 months, every 12 months after the expiration of the warranty period;

3 service response: when some failures affect the user's normal use, the service engineer of our company will respond immediately after receiving the notification;

4, the company promised to supply material for 1 years, in the warranty period, because of quality problems and damage or can not be normal use, free of charge for the buyer; the company for the product for the implementation of lifelong maintenance services. The company is equipped with spare parts, spare parts can provide preferential;

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